Welcome to the Recreation Use Values Database for North America.  What you will find here are links to the database, bibliography, and background information.  If you have questions, comments and/or suggestions about the database, would like assistance in using this database for benefit transfer, or would like to submit documentation on North American studies not currently in the database, please contact Dr. Randall Rosenberger (R.Rosenberger@oregonstate.edu).  We also are interested in how you apply benefit transfer for recreation valuation, so please submit documentation about your applications.

The database currently contains 352 documents of economic valuation studies that estimated the use value of recreation activities in the U.S. and Canada from 1958 to 2006, totaling 2,703 estimates in per person per activity day, adjusted to 2010 USD.  Twenty-one primary activity types are provided, with several more available if segregated by activity mode, resource type, primary species sought, or little studied activities (i.e., ‘other recreation’ has an additional 22 activities identified).  These recreation use value estimates are measures of net willingness-to-pay or consumer surplus for recreational access to specific sites, or for certain activities at broader geographic scales (e.g., state or province, national) in per person per activity day units—this database does not contain information on marginal values for changes in site quality or condition.  The database is currently offered as an Excel workbook containing the database and coding protocols.  It is currently sorted by primary activity by region—of course, you may download and sort it however you wish.  The bibliography cross-references the database via the document code.

An overview of the database is provided in pdf format, including distributions of estimates and studies, and mean values by activity type by region.